About Us

Phoenix Sign Company began operations in Alpena, MI. in 1999.  We specialize in architectural and commercial signage, wayfinding signage, and electronic message centers.

Our services are as follows:

  1. Design and Build.  We can design signage for your unique situation and follow thru with professional build techniques and the highest quality materials available.
  1. Install.  We can install your signage, whether it is built by us or by others.
  1. Service.  We can service just about any sign after it is installed.
  1. Site Analysis.  When looking to buy signage or upgrade your existing signage we can help by analyzing your existing situation and making recommendations for signage upgrades that will be within your budget and also meet local regulations.
  1. Variances.  Every business and organization has unique qualities and needs. Occasionally there is a need for signage which will be outside of the limits of what is allowed by local ordinances.  We can help with your variance requests by citing state of the art scientific research to show which signage works best for your business and why.
  1. Sign Code Analysis.  If you are a municipality looking for a state of the art sign code, we can help with that.  We are experienced in all aspects of commercial signage and code analysis and can help you develop a sign code which enhances your commercial environment while also staying true to your municipalities’ unique character.